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Getting Started

Steel Building - Learn The Basics

Whether your are jumping into the world of steel building for a personal, business, government, or house of worship project, you are probably going to think you are in a different world; a world that doesn't speak your language! The steel building industry has it's own language, terms, and definitions.

5 Steps To Starting A Successful Steel Building Project

SO... YOU have decided to embark on a steel building project and are eager to get the ball rolling. But where do you start? Who do you go to first?
Even though you are not a construction expert, what things can you do to help ensure that your project is successful, comes in on budget and is free from aggravation and stress? This article will review 5 initial steps that will go a long way to helping make your steel building project a success.

Metal Building Foundations

Understanding Steel Building Slabs/Foundations - Part 1

We've all heard the saying "don't put the cart before the horse" and when starting to think about a steel building project, I always advise customers "don't put the foundation before the building". Hardly a week goes bye where I don't talk to a customer who call's and immediately (and proudly I might add) announces that they have just poured the foundation for their steel building and are ready for a quote.

Understanding Steel Building Slabs/Foundations - Part 2

In Understanding Steel Building Slabs/Foundations - Part 1, we reviewed some basics regarding steel building slabs and steel building foundations. But, steel building foundations are both a significant part of any steel building project both in terms of time and cost, and as a result, there's more to discuss. Stamped engineered foundation drawings - do you really need them?

Metal Building Options

Steel Building Insulation Options

When speaking to potential customers regarding their steel building project, we always inquire as to their plan for insulation. Often, the response is "I'll insulate the building later if it turns out that it needs it." or "I have not really thought about steel building insulation.". Steel building insulation is an often over-looked and neglected area of planning a metal building project.

Metal Building Options - Canopy & Purlin Extensions

Many metal building customers do not realize that, by default, metal buildings do not have "eaves" or "soffits" similar to what they are used to seeing on more traditional forms of construction. In the metal building industry, the formal name for roof extensions on the front and back sidewalls are "canopy extensions" and the formal name for roof extensions on the left and right endwalls are "purlin extensions. Both canopy and roof extensions can greatly enhance the appearance of any metal building project, but like most options, come at a cost.

Steel Building Accessories - Gutters & Downspouts

Of all the steel building accessories, Gutters & Downspouts are probably the most commonly requested. Metal building gutters & downspouts server an important function, especially on larger buildings.
A 5,000 or 10,000 sq. ft. building is going to have a lot of water shedding off of it during heavy rain events, and gutters and downspouts are important components to your sites drainage plan. While gutters & downspouts are not very complicated, there are some things that customers should keep in mind when deciding on whether to buy them with their steel buildings or buy them at a later date from a local gutter company.

Steel Building Accessories - Light Transmitting Panels

There are many accessories customers request for their steel buildings with light transmitting panels (or LTP) being among the most requested. People either love them or hate them - but the popularity of LTP's for steel buildings seems to stem from owners who are motivated to reduce their lighting/electric costs by introducing natural light into the building. In this post, we are going to look at LTP's in a little detail and discuss the different kinds of LTP's and some pros and cons.

Final Steps in the Metal Building Project

Steel Erectors - Tips on Finding a Crew

For most customers considering a pre-engineered metal building, one question that looms over them from the very first stages of their project is "who am I going to get to erect the building?". Of all the parts of the building process that need to be completed successfully, in order to ensure the overall success of the project, erecting is the part the customer has the greatest exposure to.

Metal Building Delivery Day

While there have been many people involved with the project up to this point, there are many that need to act in concert for the next stage of your project: metal building delivery day. This blog article discusses some tips to help make sure that your metal building delivery day goes as smoothly as possible.

Application-Specific Articles

Steel Buildings for RV Storage

While you will probably be on the road a good deal of the time enjoying your RV, there very well might be prolonged periods that it will be parked, especially if you tend to reduce your trips during the winter months. Leaving your RV investment unprotected outdoors is probably going to leave you feeling uncomfortable and renting indoor storage can be expensive, if it’s even available in your area. Many RV owners decide to purchase a steel building and store their own RV where they can keep an eye on it themselves.

Value Engineering a 50x100 Steel Building

A 50x100 steel building is probably one of the most common sizes requested for mid-size steel building projects. As with any steel building project, the use of the building and the customers needs always influence the engineering/design to come extent. One of our jobs in assisting a customer with building design is finding ways to minimize the cost of the building to the customer while, at the same time, designing a building that gives the customer the look and functionality they are looking for.

Large Metal Buildings - Special Considerations

Large commercial warehouses, large-scale manufacturing operations, indoor sports facilities, riding arenas, indoor agricultural processing facilities and indoor boat/RV storage are just some examples of uses for large metal buildings from Buck Steel. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide the most cost effective building method for these kinds of structures and can often cost as little as $5-$6 per square foot. There are, however, some things to keep in mind regarding using metal buildings for such large projects and this article will look at two of them.

Miscellaneous Metal Building Articles

Steel Building Prices - Post Election 2016

It's hard to believe that it was only last summer that we were subjected to both volatility in steel building prices and the summers most popular reality television show, which masqueraded as the Presidential election. As the summer began to wind down, so to did the volatility in steel building prices - but not after leaving us with multiple steel building price increases to deal with.

Steel Prices - A Summer of Discontent

Volatile steel prices so far this spring/summer have certainly laid the ground work for a summer of discontent among steel building buyers. When we started receiving notifications from our major steel suppliers last April of a modest 5%-6% price increase that would take effect in early May, we were not surprised as our industry had not seen a price increase in over 20 months. Little did we know, the summer of 2016 steel price roller coaster ride was just getting started.

Metal Garages - Cheap Storage Solutions

Metal garages are a cheap storage / work-space solution when compared to garage structures built using traditional block and stick construction. Metal garages from Buck Steel have many uses including: Residential Garages, Backyard Shops, RV Storage, Automobile/Boat Storage, Small Business Use, and Agritainment. Today's metal garages have come a long way from the metal garages of just 15 or 20 years ago.

Not Your Father's Metal Building

Metal buildings are here to stay – are metal buildings in your future? The answer is probably. More and more individuals and organizations are finding that metal buildings are a cost-effective personal storage/business solution.
Metal buildings from Buck Steel allow you to: expand to meet the needs of your organization, protect valuable personal belongings from the elements, build for nearly 1/2 the cost of traditional building methods, condense the time-frame for building from months or years to weeks, and use your valuable monetary resources in the most effective way possible.


Steel Buildings from Buck Steel

Your organization is growing and you need more space – what are your options? You can rent space, you can build/expand using traditional building methods, you can build/expand fast and economically using BUCK STEEL steel buildings or you can procrastinate, do nothing, and stunt the growth of your organization. Buck Steel Pre-engineered steel buildings are the fast, economical, and maintenance free solution for your organization.

Tennessee Steel Buildings

Are you considering a steel building and looking for a trustworthy, local Tennessee company to work with? If so, look no further than Buck Steel! We are located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, just south of Nashville. Whether you are first-time Tennessee steel buildings customer or someone with a few projects under your belt, our expert staff will provide you with the guidance, customer service, and competitive pricing you expect from an industry leader.

Florida Steel Buildings - Weather the Storm!

Hurricane Season 2015 is upon us and while NOAA is forecasting a below-average number of storms - it's important to remember that it only takes one Category 5 storm to inflict immeasurable damage to a wide-spread area. It's also important to remember that for Florida residents - the statistical odds of taking a direct hit is substantial - as it has been nearly a decade since the state was last impacted by a major hurricane. Florida's string of luck in avoiding the impact from a major hurricane is the longest on record dating back to 1851.

Florida Steel Barns - Many Advantages

When building a new barn, traditionally you would immediately consider one constructed from wood. Wood barns are structurally sound, but they can sometimes be more expensive to build. Additionally, wood barns and pole barns to not stand up to the elements as well as Florida steel barns. Florida has long held the title of lightning capital of the country and in 2012 there were nearly 901,381 lightening flashes in the Sunshine State (according to The National Lightening Network). When lightening strikes Florida steel barns - the resulting damage is often minimal and easily repaired. When lightning strikes a pole barn or wooden structure - the resulting damage can be fire and total loss.