Retail Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings have become the preferred method of building when it comes to retail stores due to their cost efficiency and speed of construction. By using decorative parapets, overhangs, glass front systems or block and stucco, these facades are indistinguishable from traditional building methods. Our clear span capabilities of over 100’ allows for flexibility of interior design due to the elimination of oftentimes cumbersome interior columns, joists, and load bearing walls.

Retail Steel Buildings Photo Gallery

NOTE: The pictures below may include customer modifications and/or accessories not provided by Buck Steel.

metal building retail restaurant

Restaurant Metal Building

steel building strip shopping center

15,000 sf Metal Shopping Mall

15,000 s.f. retail plaza.  This design was a “roof only” system with all sides open for material(block) by others. Buck Steel provided all lateral support of customer’s block walls and utilized a R-30 Simple Saver insulation on the roof for energy efficiency.
sloped mansard retail steel building

Aesthetically Pleasing Sloped Mansard

6,400 SF retail space. An aesthetically pleasing sloped mansard with soffit panel was used on this building with the front wall was left open but designed with girts 2’ on center to accommodate OSB. Special faux siding was then applied to the building to give a soft, pleasing appearance.
retail metal building with partial masonry

Rental Building With Stone Face

100’ x 150’ x 16’ 1:12 gable symmetrical design using a parapet wall on the front of the building giving an impressive presence as well as plenty of signage space. The front wall was left open partially for decorative split face block and glass front. A small canopy was placed over the 6’ x 7’ entry door for protection from rain. Walls are Light Stone, trim is Gallery Blue.
retail steel building decorative stucco finish

Retail Steel Metal Mall

18,000 sf Retail Strip Mall. Traditional building appearance accomplished for half the cost using a combination of a single slope design along with staggered parapets, finished with an EFIS over reverse rolled “R” Paneling. This project was completed way ahead of schedule thanks to expert metal building design, production and erecting scheduling.
dollar general retail metal building

Retail Steel Metal Store

7,000 square feet building. Front wall was designed to remain open to accommodate a block wall. Front mansard provided by Buck Steel. Remaining three walls were sheeted and fasted to frame with tamper proof screws for added security.
retail strip mall metal building with sloped mansard

Simple Affordable Metal Retail Building

7, 500 SF retail space. This simple and affordable metal building was designed with a single slope frame design to shed all water to the rear of the building. A sloped mansard in a contrasting color added a good look to the front of the building which was fitted with store front windows and doors.
retail equipment rental building with decorative mansard

Storefront Makes a Statement

10,000 SF of equipment rental/repair. Having your storefront make a statement like this economically is one of Buck Steel’s specialties.
retail metal building with glass storefront

Stucco Metal Retail Storefront

5,000 SF units built with economy in mind. Getting the complete stucco look at a fraction of the cost was accomplished by using stucco over DensGlass. Since Buck Steel designed the building with the proper deflection there is no need to ever worry about the stucco cracking.
steel building wholesale club

Traditional Building Elements

50,000 sf retail store/warehouse. Traditional building elements were incorporated into this design. Barrel tile roof was used by way of plywood attached to purlins 2’ on center. Exterior columns were boxed in and then received stucco as did most of the exterior of this building.
retail strip shopping center with decorative canopies

Steel Retail Building with Custom Canopies

Retail strip shopping center with partial brick walls/PBR panel front and decorative canopies/columns that really dress the building up.


metal building retail strip shopping center

Steel Retail Building with Custom Canopies

Retail strip shopping center with partial brick walls/PBR panel front and decorative canopies/columns that really dress the building up.
marina storage and repair metal building

Retail Marina Building

Retail marine store/repair facility with large overhead doors for easy entry of large boats on trailers.



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