Metal Building Insulation Options

White vinyl backed fiberglass metal building insulation.
White Vinyl Backed
Metal Building Insulation
Standard steel building white vinyl back insulation is composed of inorganic glass fibers which are bonded with a thermoset resin to form a uniformly textured blanket style insulation. These flexible blankets are provided in rolls and are laminated on one side with a heavy white vinyl vapor barrier, which is an essential part of the moisture control strategy. Standard white vinyl backed metal building insulation is available in R-values ranging from R-13 (3") to R-19 (6") and includes patch tape used to tape the seams of the vapor barrier during installation.
High-r banding metal building insulation.
High-R Banding
Metal Building Insulation
In addition to insulation draped over the purlins prior to roof sheeting being installed - when additional R-value is required, the cavities between the purlins can be filled with insulation. Using straps and/or facing on the bottom leg of the purlin to hold the insulation in place, this “High-R” metal building insulation technique offers the highest energy efficiency. High-R banding insulation systems are available in R-19 (6") through R-76 (24") and also provide an attractive finish on the building interior by hiding purlins and girts and offers sound absorption as well.
Dripstop metal building condensation control system.
DR!PSTOP Condensation Control
DR!PSTOP is an innovative product that works by creating a medium for trapping moisture in the specially designed pockets formed within the felt’s membrane. It is applied to the back of the roof panel during the manufacturing process. Condensation control systems like DR!PSTOP are generally used in applications where the primary goal is to prevent condensation from forming on the underside of the PBR panel and dripping on the contents of the building. DR!PSTOP is UL 723-Approved for flame spread and smoke generation and comes with a 20-year adhesion warranty.
Steel building commercial rollup door insulation.
Insulated Commercial Rollup Door
As a commercial roll-up door is opened - the curtain of the door is wound around a drum located directly above the door. While this design maximizes the use of the interior steel building space by eliminating the sectional door tracks that would project into the space - it does present a challenge when it comes to insulation. A thick foam or fiberglass insulation would interfere with the roll-up door curtain from wrapping around the drum when hoisted up. A practical alternative is the use of a polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two protective sheets of strong metalized aluminum polyester film.
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