Metal Building Roof Extensions

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Metal building roof extensions photo gallery collage.

Canopy and Purlin Roof Extensions

As a matter of standard design, a pre-engineered metal buildings roof does not extend over the walls as is more common with traditional methods of construction. Roof extensions on the gable ends of the metal building are referred to as "purlin extensions" and roof extensions on the sidewalls are referred to as "canopy extensions".
Metal building roof extensions are an option commonly requested when attempting to enhance the appearance of the steel building. They can project up to 5', can be added to any combination of the 4 sides, and usually include matching 26GA white soffit material in either PBR or PBU panel profiles.
It is important to note that purlin and canopy extensions not only add cost to the metal building but will also result in higher erecting costs as the soffit and associated trim will consume more erecting labor.