Metal Building Door Options

Metal building 3070 walk door personnel door.
Metal Building Walk Door
Metal building walk doors (or personnel doors) are commercial quality, insulated, and white primed. Walk doors are available in 3070, 4070, and 6070 sizes and are self-flashing/self-framing or can be installed in a framed opening.
Metal building 3070 walk door lever lockset.
Walk Door Lever Lockset
Commercial grade lever locksets are UL listed and comply with ANSI A156.2 and are used in non wind-rated walk doors.

Metal building 3070 walk door mortise lockset.
Walk Door Mortise Lockset
Heavy duty mortise locksets are UL Listed and comply with ANSI A156.13 and are required for wind-rated walk doors.
Steel building 3070 walk door anti panic hardware.
Walk Door Anti-Panic Hardware
Commercial grade anti-panic hardware provides an quick way to disengage the door lockset by simply hitting the bar.

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