Metal Building
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of buildings does Buck Steel sell?

Buck Steel sells commercial grade I-beam steel buildings, often referred to as "red-iron" steel buildings due to the red aluminum oxide primer used to coat the primary and secondary frames. Depending on the factory, supply chains, and other variables, grey primer can also be used. We do not sell light-gauge metal buildings, Quonset hut style buildings, buildings made from tubular steel/aluminum, or light-gauge carport-type structures.

Is Buck Steel a broker or a manufacturer?

Buck Steel is neither, but rather an authorized dealer. As an authorized dealer, we have direct access to all departments of our partner factories, including: drafting, engineering, detailing, production, and shipping. In addition, as a high-volume dealer, we obtain special factory discounts, incentives and closeout pricing which we pass along to our customers.

Why can’t I buy my building directly from a manufacturer?

For the same reason you can’t buy your next F150 directly from Ford: manufacturers lack the manpower and customer service resources to deal directly with the end-user. Quite honestly, they have their hands full running complex factories manufacturing a very complex product. Many steel building companies are dishonest about their role in the process and claim to be a manufacturer – when in fact they are not. Want to flush out the truth? Just ask if you can visit the factory for a quick tour at the time you place your order – sit back – and be entertained by the excuses as to why you can’t.

Is Buck Steel a general contractor?

Buck Steel is metal building supplier and NOT a General Contractor. As a result, Buck Steel does not get involved with any site-related work including site-prep, concrete, plumbing, electric, or interior buildout. Depending on the size, complexity, and location of a project, we may be able to help coordinate erecting from an independent erector.

Does Buck Steel sell buildings that can be used as a house?

No, we do not get involved with projects where the intended use of the building is a "house" or "barndominium". Please Do Not call us regarding "barndominium" type projects as we will be unable to assist you.

Does Buck Steel sell steel building components?

Buck Steel does not sell steel building components (roof panels, wall panels, girts, purlins, doors, windows, vents, insulation, etc.) separately.

So what can Buck Steel do for me?

We actually do quite a lot: we assist in successfully navigating the steel building process, initial planning and budgeting, provide our design expertise accumulated from thousands of completed projects, provide you access to our design expertise in high-wind/coastal areas (including Miami-Dade County, FL), provide you with foundation engineering services, coordinate with your architect and/or general contractor, all while providing you with a level of customer service unparalleled in the industry.

Can Buck Steel send me a quote without talking to me?

First, let us say that we fully understand your reluctance to provide your telephone information and not wanting to be subjected to high-pressure sales tactics via the phone. But, we ask you to trust us when we say that we are not metal building telemarketers! In fact, we despise them too and even written a blog article on how you can spot them: Metal Building Scams - The Metal Building Telemarketer.
In order to make sure your quote is accurate one of our project managers needs to have a brief conversation with you to collect the information they need to prepare your quote. A conversation also allows us to give you some value-engineering advice so as to help minimize the cost of your project. (Please note that for commercial projects, we require a full set of architectural plans/elevations for our review prior to preparing a quote.)
Once your quote is sent to you, your project manager will contact you to verify that you received it and to inquire if you have any questions. After that, you are only contacted if you request that we contact you to follow up on the status of your metal building project.

Does Buck Steel have any cancelled order specials?

No. We have had only two cancelled orders in our near two decades in business. Generally speaking, "cancelled order" specials are generally pitched as part of sales tactics used by telemarketing metal building companies. If the building you are being pitched as a "cancelled order" cannot be loaded on a truck and rolling to your job site within 24 hours – it probably doesn’t exist. Read our blog article titled Metal Building Scams - The Metal Building Telemarketer for more information about the "cancelled order" pitch and how to avoid it.

Does Buck Steel have any discounted steel buildings?"

Yes. We regularly run specials from our Express Line of products - with special pricing for our website visitors. Many steel building specials found on the internet are stripped-down and packed with surprises. Our Express Line metal building internet specials are packed with features and even include wind-rated walk doors. Visit our Internet Specials page for more information!

Can Buck Steel pour the slab for my project?

No. Most municipalities require that only a licensed General Contractor pour the slab for your project and Buck Steel is not a General Contractor.

Can Buck Steel provide me with foundation engineering for my project?

Yes, you may purchase stamped engineered foundation plans for your project - which will be provided to you in both digital and printed formats generally within two weeks of the completion of your building's engineering.

Does Buck Steel provide anchor bolts for my building?

No. Anchor bolts are a standard fastener available locally and are normally provided by your concrete contractor. Anchor bolt diameter is listed on the Anchor Bolt Plans for your building and the length of the anchor bolts will be specified on the Foundation Plans for your building.

What is the difference between foundation plans and anchor bolt plans?

Anchor bolt plans represent the design of the base plants on the columns, showing the location of the anchor bolts used to secure the building to the slab.
It is crucial that your concrete contractor have experience reading anchor bolt plans, and follows them exactly - so that the anchor bolts set in your slab line-up with the holes in the base plates of your building’s columns.
Foundation plans represent the design of the concrete piers poured under each column of your building and more specifically, the size and placement of rebar, wire mesh, and hairpins.
Read our blog articles titled Understanding Steel Building Foundations - Part 1 and Part 2 for more information on metal building foundations.

Do I need to pull a permit for my steel building?

With the exception of certain agricultural uses and jobsites in very rural areas, a permit is likely required. We strongly advise you to contact your local building department to confirm if a permit will be required and to check whether or not local codes will allow you to build a pre-engineered metal building on your property.

Will Buck Steel provide me with the engineering for my building?

Yes, stamped engineered building plans and Letter of Certification are included with every building and are provided to you in both digital and printed formats generally within 3-5 weeks of your order being placed. Your local building department will require these when you apply for your permit.

Will my Buck Steel building meet my local building codes?

Yes, the engineers working on your steel building are licensed in your state. Please understand though, that building codes & loads vary significantly from region to region, and sometimes even within the same county! While our systems make an initial estimate of codes & loads based on zip code, it is your responsibility to contact your local building officials to verify that the quoted/contracted codes & loads meet local building department requirements.

What colors options are available when ordering a Buck Steel building?

You can view our color charts online or request printed charts be mailed to you.
Additionally, our Colorizer Pro™ Metal Building Color Selector tool is one of the very best in the industry and allows you to experiment with color combinations in a way that a printed chart can't.

Do I have to buy rollup doors, entry doors, windows and other accessories from Buck Steel?

No. Many customers choose to have us provide only framed openings and then purchase more residential looking/custom doors and windows from a local supplier. It is important to note that any accessories you purchase must comply with local code requirements.