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buck steel buildings Your organization is growing and you need more space - what are your options?
• You can rent space
• You can build/expand using traditional costly building methods
• You can build/expand fast and economically using metal buildings
• You can procrastinate, do nothing, and stunt the growth of your organization
Buck Steel Pre-engineered steel buildings are the fast, economical, and maintenance free solution for your organization.


When the need for metal buildings arise, there are a lot of things to consider. Our highly skilled in-house designers have years of experience in assisting a wide variety of customers with their projects. Their expertise will help to ensure that no detail of your project is left out.


Traditional construction can be very expensive. Brick, block, stucco, light-gauge aluminum, wood, Tyvek, plywood, and Hardiplank can drive the cost of your project sky high. In many instances one of our expertly designed metal buildings can save you as much as half the cost of traditional construction! And the savings does not stop there! The labor required to erect steel buildings is a fraction of the labor required to build using traditional building methods. It's not uncommon for one of our Pro-Select Erecting™ crews to have 50 x 100 steel buildings erected in as little as 5 days. How many days would it take to frame, dry-in, and insulate a 50 x 100 wood structure?


Traditionally constructed buildings can take months or even years to come together. That’s the beauty of our pre-engineered steel buildings - they are ready and waiting for your order. Once you decide on your steel buildings design, it can be fabricated and delivered to your job-site in as little as 3 weeks with a set of stamped engineered plans and complete set of erecting drawings.


Because all of our buildings are made from 100% commercial red-iron steel with 26GA roof and wall panels, they will stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at them. Our buildings have mainframes constructed of 1/4" plate steel (ASTM# A.1011 50ksi) to form "H" or "I" beams with base and connection plates pre-welded and punched. Roof panels on our buildings are 26GA PBR panel in Galvalume finish - which is highly solar reflective - reducing energy costs. Wall panels on our buildings have an iron-tough siliconized polyester finish which can withstand decades of exposure to the harshest of elements. In fact, the wall panels on buildings come with a 40 year warranty! Even the harsh environment of our coastal customer's Washington metal buildings, Oregon metal buildings, California metal buildings, Texas metal buildings, Mississippi metal buildings, Alabama metal buildings, Florida steel buildings, Georgia steel buildings, South Carolina metal buildings, North Carolina metal buildings, Virginia metal buildings, and Maryland metal buildings have virtually no impact on our industry-leading quality buildings.


custom metal buildingsDon't let the idea of steel buildings leave you cold! If you have an image of steel buildings looking like those pathetic looking Quonset huts in the old Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. television show of the 1960's - you are living in the past. Pre-engineered metal buildings have come a long way in the looks department. They not only look good, but come complete with a full trim package which includes corner, eave and rake trim as well as full cover trim for all rollup door framed openings. Optional items such as wainscoting, purlin extensions, canopy extensions, below-eave canopies, and a vast selection of commercial rollup door color door options make our buildings look great!


Just look at the variety of steel buildings we’ve created:
Agricultural – Now you may say this one is a given, but there are many innovations that can be applied. Agricultural needs are varied. We can fabricate livestock areas, offices, storage for equipment and dry goods, even covered horse riding arenas. Custom designed steel buildings can help today's agricultural user achieve a level of efficiency only dreamed about just a couple of decades ago.
Houses of Worship – Did you know that many of the beautiful churches and synagogues you probably drive past every day are really just pre-engineered steel buildings underneath with decorative facades? From a small chapel that can be designed for future expansion to a grand meeting hall or gymnasium, we can help you meet and exceed your organizations goals. Beautiful archways, lovely stucco application or curved glass frontage, we can give you an inspirational place of worship with the economy of steel buildings.
And because we understand the need for church boards to be accountable, we’ll be glad to provide your church with a detailed quote and professional 3D drawings for your boards review and approval. Our staff is both patient and knowledgeable. They are more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about metal buildings. Buck Steel's experience will help to eliminate those construction cost “surprises” you can run into when dealing with other building methods.
Aviation – We know you want to protect your valuable airplanes and helicopters from harsh weather and our steel buildings can withstand the most extreme elements. We understand that in aviation buildings size matters. Our steel airplane hangars have been used to house anything from a single engine Piper to a Boeing 787.
Our custom designed metal airplane hangars are made to accommodate the type of door you require for your aircraft. Bi-fold, vertical lift or rolling stack door your steel hangar will be designed to the door manufacturer’s specifications and that our steel buildings meet or exceeds frame deflection criteria.
Our steel buildings designed for aviation use can include accessories such as: wall liner panels, roof liner panels, light transmitting panels, and even living quarters and offices.
bucksteel-steel-buildings-1Retail Steel Buildings – You may not know it but you’ve probably seen our pre-engineered steel buildings all around you. Your local strip mall, gas station, shopping center, fast food, or dine-in restaurant may very well be one of our steel buildings. You see, with our extensive experience in the design and engineering of steel buildings, we can provide our retail clients with attractive steel buildings at excellent prices. These steel buildings can have traditional add-ons such as brick and stucco that can transform a simple metal building into a beautiful yet cost effective home for your retail venture.
Commercial – You have probably seen this type of structure in every commercial office park you’ve ever visited. Manufacturing, warehousing, office space, mixed-use, automobile repair shops, and even radio and TV stations have taken advantage of the economical cost and flexibility of steel buildings. Whatever your commercial needs our experienced design staff can accommodate them. Buck Steel's experience with Minnesota metal buildings, Wisconsin metal buildings, Michigan metal buildings, Ohio metal buildings, and Pennsylvania metal buildings used for commercial applications will help to ensure your projects success!
Government – We’ve all seen the old brick structures that house City Hall, the local fire department or emergency medical services. However, motivated by the desire to spend their tax-payers money more efficiently, more and more towns, cities and other municipalities are finding the value in Buck Steel steel buildings. Municipal offices, picnic pavilions, covered arenas, training facilities, and maintenance facilities are just a few examples of the government steel buildings that can be designed, fabricated and erected by Buck Steel - saving the local taxpayers significant money.
So what are you waiting for? Pre-engineered steel buildings are sturdy, weather resistant, cost effective alternatives to traditional brick and mortar structures. Our designers are knowledgeable, experienced, creative, and customer focused - and our Pro-Select Erecting™ crews are among the finest in the industry. CALL US to discuss your project today!

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