Metal Garages

Whether you are looking to store a new automobile, a classic hot-rod, a motorcycle, boat, personal watercraft, fifth-wheel, or full-size motor-home, metal garages from Buck Steel offer the perfect storage solution to protect your investment from both mother-nature and theft.
Metal garages are also the perfect solution for woodworking, metalworking, and automobile enthusiasts who benefit from both the clearspan nature of metal garages, as well as the extra usable height that a commercial pre-engineered garage provides.
A metal garage is a cost-effective way to protect your investment, while at the same time being virtually maintenance free; leaving you more time for you to enjoy your toys and hobbies.

Commercial Quality with Residential Looks

The popularity of metal garages is increasing all the time and if you are considering a metal garage kit for use on the same property as your home, we understand that looks matter. Your metal garage doesn't have to look like a commercial warehouse in your backyard!
metal garages
There are a large number of options available to help make our garages look more appropriate in a residential setting: standing seam roof options, roof pitches of 4:12 and higher, siding options including: cement board - wood clapboards - and stucco, roof extensions, and wainscoting - just to name a few.
For the ultimate in a residential-looking garage, sectional doors, entry doors, and windows can be purchased locally from home improvement chains and installed into framed openings provided by Buck Steel.
The possibilities are endless when looking to create a unique design and Buck Steel can guide you through the available options to find a mix that both delivers the desired look, while at the same time, meeting your project budget!

Metal Garages Look Good for Less and Weather the Elements

When comparing metal garages to structures made from wood, block, or brick, a metal garage from Buck Steel will likely cost a lot less. Visit our Internet Specials to see for yourself just how affordable a metal garage can be.
Don't forget to consider the cost of maintenance over time, when comparing the price of a metal garage to traditional construction methods. Metal garages require very little in the way of regular maintenance and are not affected by rot from water infiltration, inevitable deterioration of wood posts placed in/on concrete, or damage as a result of insects and rodents as wood-framed buildings are.

metal garages with gambrel roof

Our Metal Garages are Commercial-Grade

Our garage kits are not the typical light-gauge, tubular steel, wood framed-metal sheeted, lower-end, structures often sold to residential users.
Metal garages from Buck Steel are high-quality, commercial-grade, red-iron steel structures:
 26GA PBR roof panels come in Galvalume as well as a wide variety of colors. 24GA PBR roof panels are available as well as standing seam roof options.
 26GA PBR wall panels have a soliconized polyester finish which can withstand decades of exposure to the harshest of climates. 24GA PBR wall panels are available as well as a selection of other panel types.
 The PBR panel used for both roof and walls has a minimum 70ksi tensile strength with an extra long leg to help provide a solid leak-proof seal
 Mainframes, vertical columns, and rafters are constructed from 1/4'' plate steel to form "H" or "I" beams
 Base and connection plates pre-welded and punched for easy assembly
 Clips used to secure purlins and girts are either pre-welded or bolted to the frame resulting in a structurally sound connection
 Each individual component is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and numbered/identified for easy identification during assembly
 The die-formed ridge cap has the same profile as the PBR roof panel - which provides for a very tight seal from the elements
 All connection bolts are A-325 or stronger and zinc plated for maximum strength
 Sheeting screws are self-drilling, long life fasteners with pre-applied neoprene washers to help provide a weather-tight seal. When applicable, the heads of sheeting fasteners are color-matched to the wall/roof panel color.
 A closed cell, high density foam closure strip on the base, eave and rake are the most effective in providing a weather-tight seal

Watch the Erecting of a 50' x 100' Metal Garage

blumgerg grain metal building erecting video

Metal Garages for Sale

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  • Metal Building Internet Special
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Metal Garages Photo Gallery

It's easy to talk about garage options and the finished project, but it's even easier to let your eyes see the results. We are grateful that some of our customers have chosen to share with us (and you) pictures of their finished projects. Hopefully, the pictures in the gallery below will assist you in coming up with design ideas for your garage project. All the photos below are numbered in the lower left-hand corner so that if you have a question or want to reference a specific picture while talking to us, you can easily do so.
NOTE: The pictures below have been provided by our customers and may include accessories that were not provided by Buck Steel and/or customer modifications.

metal garages with ridge vents

Garage with Ridge Vents

40' x 60' x 12' - 4:12 roof pitch - with two ridge vents, a 12' x 12' rollup door and a 3070 personnel door.
automotive storage metal garages

Garage for Auto Mechanic

30' x 50' x 14' - 1:12 roof pitch - with two 10' x 10' and one 10' x 12' rollup doors and a 3070 personnel door.
residential metal garages

Simple Backyard Shop

40' x 60' x 12' - 1:12 roof pitch - with two 10' x 10' rollup doors and a 3070 personnel door.
metal garages with decorative trim

Garage with Custom Rollup Door Trim

30' x 50' x 12' - 3:12 roof pitch - with two 12' x 10' rollup doors, 1' canopy and purlin extensions, and wainscoting with transition trim.
metal garages for boat storage

Steel Building for RV Storage

30' x 40' x 16' - 1.5:12 roof pitch - with a 12' x 14' rollup door and a 3070 personnel door.
steel building warehouse storage

Simple Steel Building

40' x 50' x 16'  - 2:12 roof pitch - with two 12' x 14' rollup doors and a 3070 walk door.
metal garages for boat storage

Steel Building for Boat and RV Storage

30' x 50' x 16' - 1.5:12 roof pitch - with three 12' x 14' rollup doors and a 3070 personnel door.
customized metal garages with standing seam roof

Customized General Contractor Shop

30' x 50' x 12' - 6:12 roof pitch - standing seam roof - with two 10' x 10' sectional doors (customer provided/installed) , a 10' x 12' sectional door (customer provided/installed), 2' canopy and purlin extensions with soffit, wainscoting with transition trim, decorative cupola (customer provided/installed), and custom side door awning (customer provided/installed). 
metal garages for automotive storage

Basic Garage

25' x 30' x 12' - 2:12 roof pitch - with two 12' x 10' rollup doors, a 3030 window, and a 3070 personnel door.
metal garages for metal fabrication

Steel Building Shop

40' x 60' x 14' - 2:12 roof pitch - with two 12' x 12' rollup doors, two 3040 windows, and two white ridge vents.
monitor style metal garages

Monitor Style Garage

38' x 50' raised center steel barn with one 12' x 14' rollup door, 3070 personnel door and 8' purlin extension with soffit.
metal garages with single slope roof

Single Slope Shop

30' x 60' x 14'HS / 11'6"LS - 1:12 roof pitch - single slope frame - with four 10' x 12' rolllup doors and a 3070 personnel door.
metal garages for truck repair

Shop for Truck Repair

30' x 75' x 16' - 3:12 roof pitch - with three 12' x 14' rollup doors.
metal garages for truck repair with light transmitting wall panels

Shop for Truck Repair

30' x 75' x 16' - 3:12 roof pitch - with light transmitting wall panels.
metal buildings with covered bay

Simple Shop with Inset Bay

40' x 60' x 14' - 1:12 roof pitch - with a 10 x 12' rollup door, 3070 personnel door, and left endwall inset 20'.
steel building warehouse storage

Building for Farm Storage

40' x 60' x 12' - 2:12 roof pitch - with three 12' x 10' rollup doors.
metal garages with horizontal siding

Garage with Horizontal Sheeting

30' x 40' x 14' - 2:12 roof pitch - with one 18' x 10' rollup door - siding is 26GA Fabral® Grandbeam® which mimics the appearance of traditional clapboards

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