Metal Building Door Options

3070 man door

Commercial Walk Door

Commercial walk doors are commercial quality, 20 gauge, insulated, and white primed and are available in 3070, 4070 and 6070 sizes. The 6070 doors are available with both leaves active and a removable mullion. 
commercial rollup door with chainhoist

Commercial Rollup Door with Chainhoist

Commercial rollup doors are available from 8' x 8' to 20' x 18' sizes. Door curtains are made of Grade E steel with siliconized polyester finish. Equipped standard with the A.C.E. (Advanced Curtain Engagement) guide system - resulting in universal mounting options, increased durability, excellent performance and ease of installation. Insulation, electric operators, and color options are available.
commercial lever lockset

Heavy Duty Lever Lockset

Commercial grade lever locksets are UL listed and comply with ANSI A156.2
commercial mortise lockset

Commercial Mortise Lockset

Heavy duty mortise locksets are UL Listed and comply with ANSI A156.13
commercial door antipanic hardware

Panic Hardware

Commercial grade anti-panic hardware for both 3070, 4070 and 6070 doors are UL listed and comply with ANSI A156.3
commercial door automatic closer

Commercial Door Closer

Heavy duty UL listed door closers are fully adjustable and comply with ANSI A156.4.

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