Customer Testimonials

David Burman

While shopping for a quality steel building I learned several things. First is that there are building types that are high quality and those that are low quality. Second, there are many steel building outlets that are just not honest about the product or their service. Whether it was through luck or diligence I found Buck Steel. The purchase process was smooth and efficient, the cost reasonable, and the quality of the building and it’s components extremely high. Service was amazing and as an example I was at the permit office and needed a print I did not have. I called Buck Steel and they not only answered but emailed what I needed immediately. Do yourself a favor and do business with Buck Steel.

Scott Lewis

From beginning to end Buck Steel has been there all the way, there staff has been outstanding in answering questions and taking care of any small issues that came up immediately. The recommended erectors were excellent. You can be assured if I do another metal building it will definitely be with Buck Steel!

James Tight

Buck Steel was very easy to work with and delivered an awesome finished product. They provided the building, foundation design, and erecting crew. Even during tough times with COVID, they communicated well and followed through.

Drew Shepherd

I recently purchased a custom steel warehouse/office building from Buck Steel. Buck Steel engineered, built and delivered our building in a timely and professional manner. I ran into a technical problem not directly related to the building itself and Buck Steel stepped up in a timely professional manner to help me solve the problem. As a licensed building contractor in Florida, I am really happy with the building and service I received from Buck Steel. I would definitely buy my next building from Buck Steel.

Teddy Kimer

First I’d like to complement the erecting crew and the quality of the erecting work. The workmanship, fit and finish was meticulous and they’ve been hard at it the whole time according to our contractor. The building itself exceeds my expectations. From the colors to the design and fabrication it’s a real beauty. Between the building, the erecting, and the excellent masonry work it’s an unbeatable combination. Thank you for that.

Billy Pinkerton

Thank you for all your help with my steel building project. Delivery was successful, the driver was very nice and helpful. I have a friend that was here yesterday helping me unload. He was very impressed with the quality of the building and will be contacting you as he's also looking for one. I gave him your contact information!

Michael Rowe

I wanted to take a quick moment and let you know that my assigned project manager has been one of the most professional and courteous persons I have had to deal with in a very long time. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that this customer is satisfied and that all fears, stresses, and "oh no, what did I get myself into" types of moments are addressed quickly and with the utmost care. I know I have most likely pestered her about things which may seem trivial to your company, but very important to me - and each and every time, she has calmed me and reassured me that I am in great hands with Buck Steel. So far, she has not been wrong - and I am only at the point of getting ready to release the building into production. People make the difference, and you have a great one on your team.

Greg Hartley

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy I am with the product that you sold me and also to tell you the erecting crew you recommended did an excellent job. You should be very proud to have erectors like Greg and his crew erecting your companies buildings. The crew was professional and spot on with the project. Thank you for everything and it was a pleasure doing business with you. I have already recommended Buck Steel to several people that have stopped and complimented me on the building. Thank you again!

Frank Sheffield

It's hard to believe I started my steel building project back in 2014. After the building erecting was completed, I started the process of interior build-out. I have a car display area where I keep my show cars; a work area with two lifts; a complete woodworking shop, a full bath; and a climate controlled wine cellar. The building is very nice and I have had numerous people look at it and ask for information about Buck Steel - which I have eagerly provided. I just wanted to say thanks again.

Tom Perdue

Just so you know how I feel about you and your company, you have been so helpful in so many ways, and that's s Big Deal in today's World of indifference! I am a firm believer one never stops learning, and you have shown me new things about Pre Engineered Buildings that I was unaware of. I thank you for this, and taking a normal sales call into much more. In today's world that means a lot to me, and hopefully to others. This is how I ran my Firm, and many other endeavors. That is why at 75, I am still in Business.

Revee Pimentel

It's so nice to be working with Buck Steel on our project and I truly appreciate the professionalism and knowledge shared with us by our Project Manager, my questions were often answered before I even asked them!

Mark Farr

My experience with Buck Steel was nothing less than what I expected. My barn turned out so nice, I'm so very pleased. Thank you!

The Cowan's

My wife and I are sending the contracts and deposit check to you this afternoon. We appreciate your quick follow up to our many questions. While you handle these kinds of projects every day, for us it is a once-in-a-lifetime event so we appreciate your assistance and patience with us. I wanted you to know that while we liked what we saw online about Buck Steel, it was your consistent follow up on this metal building project that persuaded us to choose Buck Steel as our vendor. We had several other suppliers contact us about the project but you were the most informative and responsive. Thanks again and we look forward to continuing our relationship as we work to complete our metal barn project.

Vendapin LLC

This letter is to thank you for your assistance and to complement you and your company on how you handled our purchase of our company storage warehouse. We ordered our Buck Steel building with 3 skylights and 6 inches of insulation in the roof with 4 inches in the walls. Here in Florida it is a good investment to insulate to avoid the condensation problems that occur if you do not insulate. Everything arrived for our warehouse as ordered and on time. Even more thanks to your erecting crew who erected our warehouse in only 4 days! We were very impressed with their professional workmanship and attention to detail. On our next buildings we purchase or recommend to others, it will definitely be a Buck Steel and no other!

S. Thibodeaux

I just wanted to pass this onto everyone involved with my building what a great job you all did. The building itself is incredible and arrived with no damaged parts. It's much more building than I was expecting - this thing is a Cadillac. Your erecting crew worked as hard as you could expect anyone to work and in terrible conditions. They took only a few minutes for lunch and got back at it till 8pm! The rain was unrelenting - I think we got over ten inches in the seven days we were up there. It was disappointing for me that I could not stay and see the completion but we will be back up in a few weeks to check it out - we can't wait! So again, thanks to all of you for making this whole experience as painless as possible.

Charles M.

I had requested quotes from several steel building companies for a building project of mine in California. After receiving the quotes, some of the companies were calling me every hour, pressuring me to place an order. Buck Steel only called me once, to make sure I received the quote and to advise me that if I had any questions I was free to call them anytime to speak to my project engineer. I wound up giving them the order and they were a pleasure to deal with throughout the project.

L. Miller

We just want to let you know how pleased we are with the building and the fabrication process. The delivery went very smoothly and your erecting team staged it perfectly for the assembly. Your crew had it under cover in four days and finished in five - all twelve-hour days accept the last when they finished up at 5:30PM. It would be hard to find a nicer bunch of guys willing to work such long days in mid-90's FL temps.

Lee & Shelly Z.

We can't even begin to tell you how incredibly happy we were with Buck Steel's service and product. The amount of time you spent with us explaining each step of the process was genuinely appreciated and valued. We felt like you coached us through the process while still allowing us the freedom to make this shop completely our own. You even went out of your way to overnight us color samples and help us pick "out of the norm" specs for the building and our odd needs for the retaining wall. Thank you so much for all your help and professionalism.

John Marion

Buck Steel delivered everything on time as promised. Their erecting crew was here at sunrise, unloaded and inventoried the building and had the frame stood in a flash. They were a very professional and polite group of boys. I am very happy that I decided to go with them.


I've got enough to do running my business and 6 crews without worrying about having to babysit my building orders. The boys at Buck Steel take the ball and run with it and give me the piece of mind I need.

Mark T.

After speaking with a handful of telemarketing firms with repeated stories about cancelled orders, I was just about to give up. Then a friend of mine recommended Buck Steel to me. I went and looked at one of their local buildings here in North Carolina and was very impressed. They made it such an easy and pleasurable process. Thanks.

Ernie B.

I thought I had gotten a better deal from another company until Buck Steel pointed out that their quote did not meet my local Florida wind code requirements, have windlock certified doors and foundation drawings. Turns out the other company was actually thousands more.

Rocky Mountain Builders

I can't say enough about these folks. I get service from them that I guarantee no others can match. To date, all of my orders have been error free and punctual. They are very professional people. I always get a very warm feeling when dealing with them. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a hassle free purchase.

Doug Justus

The building turned out great! I will definitely be calling Buck Steel when I am ready for my next building.