Value Engineering a 50×100 Steel Building

A 50x100 steel building is probably one of the most common sizes requested for mid-size steel building projects. As with any steel building project, the use of the building and the customers needs always influence the engineering/design to come extent. One of our jobs in assisting a customer with building design is finding ways to minimize the cost of the building to the customer while, at the same time, designing a building that gives the customer the look and functionality they are looking for.

Keep framelines to a minimum - when possible!

A customer using a 50x100 steel building for simple warehouse/storage use is likely not to require a lot of framed openings for rollup doors, personnel doors, and windows - and is not likely to require that any of the doors/windows be centered on either of the 50' sidewalls. As such, the building can be designed economically using 3 framelines - creating a building that is 4 bays at 25' each. Designing a building with a minimum number of framelines reduces not only the cost of the steel component of the building, but also reduces the cost of the foundation and the cost of erecting the project. When a customer has a specific need that requires a rollup door, personnel door, or window be exactly centered in one of the 50' sidewalls, it's likely that the building will need to be designed with 4 framelines - creating a building that is 5 bays at 20' each. Adding an additional frameline adds to the cost of the building, foundation, and erecting.

Keep framed openings away from corners - especially when designing for high wind loads!

For our 50x100 steel building customers in coastal areas, where windloads can easily exceed 150mph, it's often more cost effective to avoid placing framed openings in near the corners of the building. The reason for this is that it is the corners of the building that take the brunt of pressure during exposure to high winds. Placing framed openings (especially large framed openings for rollup doors) near the corners of a building creates the need to stiffen or re-enforce the building to compensate for this - which in the end results in the use of more steel in the project - which ultimately results in higher cost.

Are you thinking about a 50x100 steel building for your project? 

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