Today’s Steel Buildings

Metal buildings are here to stay - are metal buildings in your future? The answer is probably. More and more individuals and organizations are finding that metal buildings are a cost-effective personal storage/business solution.
Metal buildings from Buck Steel allow you to:
• Expand to meet the needs of your organization
• Protect valuable personal belongings from the elements
• Build for nearly 1/2 the cost of traditional building methods
• Condense the time-frame for building from months or years to weeks
• Use your valuable monetary resources in the most effective way possible
Metal buildings have come a long way since their introduction. With advances in design, engineering and fabrication, today's metal buildings not only offer durability but attractive metal building designs. The advantages to metal buildings are numerous, let's look at some of them:


With the economy running on 3 cylinders these days, saving money has become more of a necessity for all of us. Whether you are a commercial business, manufacturer, house of worship, farmer or agricultural user, government agency or individual, you are probably working harder than ever to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Metal buildings from Buck Steel can help make sure you do. Metal buildings can often be designed, engineered, fabricated and erected for 1/2 the cost of traditional building methods and in a fraction of the time. In low wind-load and low snow-load areas - it is not uncommon for the price of metal buildings to start in the $7-$8 per square foot range (not including foundation or erecting). This amazingly low price is due to the buying power of our factory at the steel mills and the leveraging of technology to minimize the engineering and fabrication costs of metal buildings. Can you build a traditional block or stick-framed building materials for $7-8$ per square foot? West coast customers looking for Oregon metal buildings, California metal buildings, Nevada metal buildings, Idaho metal buildings, Utah metal buildings, Arizona metal buildings or Colorado metal buildings will find no more cost-effect construction type than pre-engineered metal buildings from Buck Steel.


Unlike traditional wood structures, metal buildings stand up very well to exposure to the elements. Mother Nature can wreck havoc with a wood structure as repeated exposure to water, humidity, driving rain, snow, and ice can inflict serious structural damage resulting in costly repairs and labor-intensive maintenance. Block buildings are no better as cracking and water penetration are common issues. Metal buildings, however, are all but immune to the ravages of Mother Nature and are relatively unaffected by by adverse weather conditions, moisture, water, insects, and rodents. Additionally, the maintenance required for metal buildings is minimal. While buildings constructed of traditional methods require regular, costly exterior maintenance in order to stay protected from the elements, the roof and wall panels for our metal buildings come with a 40 year finish warranty and require no maintenance. Even the harsh weather our customers Minnesota metal buildings, Wisconsin metal buildings, Michigan metal buildings, Iowa metal buildings, Illinois metal buildings, Indiana metal buildings and Missouri metal buildings are subjected to, have little impact on them.


steel-building-residence-smallIf you have an image of a metal building as looking like the ones in the old Post-WWII movies - when Quonset huts were the leading design of the time - then you need to update your thinking! Metal buildings from Buck Steel can be designed to look very appealing to the eye. There are many options that can be used to improve the appearance of metal buildings, and the design experts at Buck Steel can help you select the ones that will improve the look of your project - and not break your budget either. Metal buildings with below-eave canopies, purlin and canopy extensions with soffit, open lean-to's, enclosed lean-to's, wrap-around porches and wainscoting will look amazing to you. And don't worry - if you are having problems visualizing metal buildings with these options, the Buck Steel design staff will be glad to generate a professional full-color 3D rendering and bring your ideas for metal buildings to life.


All Buck Steel metal buildings are pre-cut, pre-welded and pre-drilled with each part labeled for easy identification. A detailed erecting manual is available in multiple languages and a set of erecting drawings is provided as well. The ease of erecting metal buildings is one of the biggest advantages of other building types which require skilled tradesmen to complete. While many of our customers with smaller project choose to erect their own metal buildings, for those with large commercial projects - we can assist them in coordinating one of our Pro-Select Erecting™ crews to erect their project. Our Pro-Select Erecting™ crews are some of the most experienced erecting crews in the industry and have successfully completed the erecting of hundreds of our clients metal buildings.


Buck Steel pre-engineered metal buildings are sturdy, weather resistant, cost effective alternatives to traditional brick and mortar and wood structures. Our designers are knowledgeable, experienced, creative, and customer focused - and our Pro-Select Erecting™ crews are among the finest in the industry. CALL US to discuss your steel building project today!