Metal Building Options – Canopy & Purlin Extensions

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Many metal building customers do not realize that, by default, metal buildings do not have "eaves" or "soffits" similar to what they are used to seeing on more traditional forms of construction. In the metal building industry, the formal name for roof extensions on the front and back sidewalls are "canopy extensions" and the formal name for roof extensions on the left and right endwalls are "purlin extensions. If the terns "sidewalls" and "endwalls" are foreign to you, then you might want to read my blog article entitled Steel Buildings - Learn The Basics.
Standard metal building with NO canopy or purlin extensionsStandard Metal Building Appearance
One of the areas of concern we often hear from customers, especially those who are considering a metal building for residential or retail use, is that they don't want the building to look too "industrial/commercial" or look "like a metal box".
We always discuss the option of canopy and purlin extensions with customers who are looking to soften the appearance of their metal buildings. By default, the roof of metal buildings does not extend past the wall line by much more than 3-4 inches. The picture captioned "Metal Building Image 1" is of a simple box metal building without any canopy and purlin extensions and it has a bit of a "industrial/commercial" look to it, as a result.
Canopy & Purlin Extensions Enhance Metal Building Appearance
Metal building with 2' projection canopy and purlin extensions including PBR soffitCanopy and Purlin extensions are simply unsupported extensions of the roof beyond the wall of the building and are defined by the distance they project past the metal building wall. This distance, or measurement, is often referred to as "projection". The maximum amount of projection for a canopy or purlin extension depends on the wind load the building is being engineered for, but is generally 5'. Additionally, while you can have canopy or purlin extensions without soffit material, this is the exception to the rule. Most of the canopy and purlin extensions we provide include soffit material of the same PBR panel the building is sheeted in or of PBU panel. If you are not sure of what these panels look like, you can find detailed information about them on the Panel Types page on this website. With only the rarest of exception, canopy and purlin extension trim and soffit material are polar white.
Do canopy and purlin extensions serve a purpose other than simple aesthetics? Yes. Canopy and Purlin extensions with a large projection, for example 5', on metal buildings with low eave heights can provide cover from the elements for those entering the building through walk doors and rollup doors. Of course, the same canopy and purlin extensions on a building with a 16' or 20' eave height would likely serve no functional purpose.
The picture captioned "Metal Building Image 2" is of a simple box metal building with canopy and purlin extensions with a 2' projection and include PBR soffit. The difference in the appearance of this building - when comparing to the previous image above - is rather dramatic. The canopy and purlin extensions do a good job of softening the look of this metal building - which was placed on property behind the owner's home. Some additional pictures of metal building projects that include canopy and purlin extensions appear below.

Are you thinking about Canopy and Purlin extensions for the metal buildings in your project?

Our dedicated staff is only a phone call away and will be glad to discuss the wide variety of metal building options to make the metal buildings in your project more attractive - including canopy and purlin extensions. Even if you are NOT ready for a quote just yet, we invite you to benefit from our experience and further allow you to assist us in helping you make an informed decision about the steel buildings in your future. Our design team is knowledgeable, experienced, creative, and customer focused - and our Pro-Select Erecting™ crews are among the finest in the industry. Call us today to discuss steel buildings or simply fill out our easy online quote request to get started!

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