Florida Steel Buildings – Weather the Storm!

florida-steel-buildings-2Hurricane Season 2015 is upon us and while NOAA is forecasting a below-average number of storms - it's important to remember that it only takes one Category 5 storm to inflict immeasurable damage to a wide-spread area. It's also important to remember that for Florida residents - the statistical odds of taking a direct hit is substantial - as it has been nearly a decade since the state was last impacted by a major hurricane. Florida's string of luck in avoiding the impact from a major hurricane is the longest on record dating back to 1851.
Irrespective of when the next hurricane hits, Florida metal buildings, Fort-Myers metal buildings, Loxahatchee metal buildings, Orlando metal buildings, Tampa metal buildings, and Pensacola metal buildings are sure to weather the storm. Properly engineered Florida steel buildings have a history of withstanding the ravages of hurricanes rather well.

Buck Steel - Florida Steel Building Code Experts

The codes for building in Florida are some of the most stringent in the countryflorida-steel-buildings-2 and there's no better company to engineer your next Florida metal building project than Buck Steel. You see, we are Floridians ourselves. Our corporate headquarters is on the border of Palm Beach County and Broward County. We know Florida like the back of our hand; we live here, we work here, we play here, we raise families here, we help our clients build here.
Whether a steel church in Tampa, a metal warehouse in Vero Beach, a riding arena in Homestead, a backyard shop in West Palm Beach, a retail strip mall in Orlando, or a roof only building for hay storage in Ocala, we have successfully designed and erected hundred's of Florida steel buildings over the past decade, and in the process have gained an immeasurable amount experience with Florida steel buildings.
While the different regions of Florida all pose their own unique steel building challenges, South Florida - by far - is the most challenging. It's not uncommon for a South Florida steel buildings to be engineered to sustain 180+ mph wind loads. At 180+ mph, the pressures placed on Florida metal buildings and Florida steel buildings are enormous and the pressures placed on the doors and windows in the buildings are equally impressive.

Florida Metal Building Accessories

Non-windlock certified door contributes toward roof blowout!While engineering Florida steel buildings to withstand such loads is straight-forward, selecting Florida product approved steel building doors and Florida product approved metal building windows that can withstand such pressures is more of a challenge. A South Florida metal building designed for 180+ mph windloads is only as strong as it's weakest link - and often the weak link is it's doors. If the doors installed in a steel building fail during exposure to high wind, they allow a tremendous amount of rapidly moving air into the structure and this air will find a way to exit the structure - often by blowing-out an opening in the roof, endwalls, or sidewalls (the picture to the left is a perfect representation of this). Standard Windlock Certified commercial rollup doors will not be sufficient under these kinds of pressures, and instead rolling steel, sectional, or hydraulic doors will need to be used. Such doors are very costly and can sometimes surpass the cost of the metal building itself. Likewise, a similar situation exists for both personnel (walk) doors and windows.
Proper selection of these items can help guarantee that after the next hurricane - your steel building will be in the same condition as it was before the storm. Due to our extensive experience here in Florida, you can rest assured that the design advise and guidance provided by Buck Steel will prove a valuable contribution toward the success of your next Florida steel building project and will help your project weather the storm!