Metal Building Ventilation Options

Metal building ventilation is necessary in all buildings. The type and amount of ventilation for a metal building depends on its size, shape, location, and purpose. Ventilation is very important in order to control the interior quality of air, removal of summer heat and elimination of condensation in cooler weather which can lead to rust and deterioration of insulation.

steel building adjustable louver vent

Metal Louver

Louvers are self flashing and self framing. No other trim is required. Louvers are steam-cleaned and treated before painting them with standard polyester paint electrostatically applied to 2 mil thick and then oven baked. Galvalume® finish also available. Louvers can be either fixed or adjustable.
metal building ridge vent with birdscreen damper and operator

Metal Roof Ridge Vent

Aerodynamically proportioned to exclude weather-protects air passages and full outlet area. Durable 26 gauge exterior combined with internal components of 24, 20 and 18 gauge sheet metal and machine parts for long service life. Fully protected from birds and rodents by a 4 x 4 galvanized mesh. An easy moving damper opens to any degree from fully open to completely closed. Pre-painted in white or also available in Galvalume®. Available in both 9" or 10" throat in 10' length.
metal building roof jack

Roof Jack

Rubber Roof Jack designed specifically for metal building applications provide the best way to seal penetration of pipes through the steel roof panel. The base is fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminum and commercial-grade rubber that has a continuous service temperature range of -65°F to +250°F (EPDM) and -40° to +350° (Silicone) and comes in standard sizes of: ¼”-2”, 4”-7”, 6”-11” and 7”-13”
metal building circular vent with bird screen

Circular Vent

Standard round gravity ventilator with a 20” diameter throat size, 26 gauge inner and outer bands, and rain shield. The design achieves a free unobstructed flow of ventilated air and the addition of a vertical-lift damper completes the weather tightness of the unit. The damper is supported in the open position by a 5’ long pull chain. Assembly is completed by the installation of a 4 x 4’ bird screen in the opening between the inner band and the rain shield to resist the entry of birds into the vent area. 

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