Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of buildings does Buck Steel sell?

Does Buck Steel sell steel building components?

Is Buck Steel a broker or a manufacturer?

Why can’t I buy my building directly from the factory?

So what can Buck Steel do for me?

Quoting & Pricing

Can Buck Steel send me a quote without talking to me?

Does Buck Steel have any cancelled order specials?

Does Buck Steel have any discounted steel buildings?


What colors options are available when ordering a Buck Steel building?

Do I have to buy rollup doors, entry doors, windows and other accessories from Buck Steel?

Foundation & Slab

Can Buck Steel pour the slab for my project?

Can Buck Steel provide me with foundation engineering for my project?

Will Buck Steel provide me anchor bolt plans for my building?

Does Buck Steel provide anchor bolts for my building?

What is the difference between foundation plans and anchor bolt plans?

Codes & Permitting

Will my Buck Steel building meet my local building codes?

Do I need to pull a permit for my steel building?

Will Buck Steel provide me with the engineering for my building?

Do you have more questions about the steel building process? Have you heard horror stories about steel building companies and are afraid of being taken advantage of? Well, we’ve got you covered! Be sure to read our Steel Building Buying Guide for some very valuable tips we have put together that will hopefully assist you in selecting the right steel building company to assist you with your project! Be sure to also visit our list of Steel Building Terms so that you are familiar with some of the common terms used in the steel building industry!

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