Steel Buildings for Export

Buck Steel's personalized export service is our way of ensuring that our customers are satisfied, this is why we have so many glowing client testimonials. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Buck Steel to assist you with your next international steel building project:

 We have extensive experience in designing, engineering, fabricating and exporting steel buildings from US ports
 We regularly ship from ports in Miami - Florida, Fort Lauderdale - Florida, West Palm Beach - Florida, Jacksonville - Florida, Houston - Texas, New Orleans - Louisiana, and Baton Rouge - Louisiana
 Our Export Package includes extra building components in the event they are needed
 Building components are carefully packaged to help eliminate damage caused by rough ocean transport
 We will work with your freight forwarder to help ensure that your delivery, loading, and shipment of your steel building for export will go as smoothly as possible.

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Save Money with Buck Steel's Rear Load Skid Method

At Buck Steel, we are always looking to save our customers money - this is especially true with our steel building export customers. Our innovative solution to the problem of the high cost of open top container loading is the rear load skid method. By fabricating a steel skid upon which the steel building components are placed, we then lift the steel skid and place it on a specially designed steel loading platform. Once the steel skid is on the steel platform and shipping container is positioned for loading, we are able to simply push the steel skid into the end of the container, saving time and money. Unloading is just as easy by simply reversing the process and pulling the skid out with a piece of heavy equipment onto steel or wood supports. Availability of this method is based upon port location. The slide show below shows some pictures of a container being loaded using this method as well as a movie of the process in action!

Port of Miami

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We Proudly Serve Customers in the Following Countries

Country Algeria
Country Venezuala
Country Uraguay
Country US Virgin Islands
Country South Africa
Country Saint Lucia
Country Saint Kitts
Country Peru
Country Nicaragua
Country Morocco
Country Jamaica
Country Honduras
Country Haiti
Country Guyana
Country Guatemala
Country French Guiana
Country El Salvador
Country Ecuador
Country Dominican Republic
Country Costa Rica
Country Columbia
Country Congo
Country Chile
Country Canada
Country British Virgin Islands
Country Brazil
Country Belize
Country Barbados
Country Bahamas
Country Argentina
Country Antiqua
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