Pro-Select Erecting™

Buck Steel understands that erecting a client’s metal building project is as important as its engineering, design, and cost. This understanding was one of the motivating factors for us to initiate our Pro-Select Erecting™ program.
Pro-Select Erecting™ crews are independent erectors who are carefully selected, highly skilled professional erectors who meet very strict criteria we put forward. Pro-Select Erecting™ crews must not only have significant industry experience but must also adhere to our philosophy regarding our commitment to the customer. Pro-Select Erecting™ crews bring their experience, training, and commitment to commercial metal building projects over 5,000 sq. ft. in size.
yankees steel building erectingThe vast majority of our customers don't get the opportunity to visit one of our offices in Florida or Tennessee, so the erecting crew is the only "face" of Buck Steel customers get to see. Since it's inception, our Pro-Select Erecting™ crew program has resulted in hundreds of satisfied steel building erecting customers.

Watch the Erecting of a 50' x 100' Metal Garage

blumgerg grain metal building erecting video

Pro-Select Erecting™ Crews
are experienced, insured, and certified

Experienced, Licensed & Insured
OSHA Safety Compliant
Davis-Bacon Act Compliant
Weather Tightness Trained and Certified (MBCI Standing Seam Roofs)
High-R Banding and Simple-Saver Insulation Factory Trained and Certified
20+ Years Erecting Experience
Heavy Equipment Safety Trained and Certified
Welding Certified
Committed to Buck Steel Customer Service Standards

A Pro-Select Erecting™ Crew In Action

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