Florida Steel Barns – Many Advantages

florida-steel-barns-1When building a new barn, traditionally you would immediately consider one constructed from wood. Wood barns are structurally sound, but they can sometimes be more expensive to build. Additionally, wood barns and pole barns to not stand up to the elements as well as Florida steel barns. Florida has long held the title of lightning capital of the country and in 2012 there were nearly 901,381 lightening flashes in the Sunshine State (according to The National Lightening Network). When lightening strikes Florida steel barns - the resulting damage is often minimal and easily repaired. When lightning strikes a pole barn or wooden structure - the resulting damage can be fire and total loss.
Recently, we had a customer call the office to discuss Florida metal buildings. The man explained, in great depth and with great pride, the wood pole barn he had built using centuries-old techniques. His intent was to hand craft a structure that would last a century and be passed down through the generations in his family. His voice then began to sink as he explained the lightening strike that hit his pole barn, the resulting fire, and total loss of the structure. We gladly quoted him on a replacement and he is looking forward to having one of our custom made Florida steel barns erected on the very same slab that once held his pole barn.
Still - many are sold on wooden pole barns as they are the traditional way of building and are deeply ingrained in many of those in the agricultural community. BUT - are they really the best choice? The professionals and steel building industry veterans at Buck Steel think not.
florida-steel-barns-2Pole barns and other wooden farm buildings have several disadvantages. Over time, wood is susceptible to the effects of moisture: moisture in the air as well as moisture wicked up into wood where wood rests on the ground or concrete. Additionally, wood is very sensitive to moisture when combined with temperature changes and this can affect strength and durability over time. Moisture and temperature changes can both cause wood to swell and shrink numerous times as the seasons change and over years this might weaken the strength of the wood. Wood buildings are also at risk when it comes to damage from insects. Termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and a host of other insects make a feast of wood used for construction in a tropical climate like Florida. Replacing insect-damaged wood on a pole barn can be very expensive - depending on the extend of damage caused by the insects.
Buck Steel has a variety of agricultural steel buildings including: steel horse barns, metal barns for cattle and livestock, metal barns for crop and commodity storage, metal barns for hay and feed storage, roof only steel barns for hay and tractor storage and steel sheds for farm equipment. Whatever your need is on the farm or equestrian facility, a quick phone call to Buck Steel and you'll be talking to the agricultural steel building and equestrian metal building experts. We'll help you value engineer a building for your farm or riding arena that will serve you for decades with minimal maintenance - leaving you to do what you do best.

Designing Florida Metal Barns

After deciding on the amount of space required to service your needs - the professionals from Buck Steel will take your information and advise you of your options. If you are looking for something specific, we can bring Florida metal barns to life using AutoCAD and our 3D modeling software. If you don't have specific design ideas, the Buck Steel Project Manager assisting you will guide you based on the hundreds of projects they have successfully completed for other Florida agricultural steel building customers. Your Project Manager will gladly work with your architect, engineer, or general contractor. We've erected hundreds of Florida steel barns and our experience will help to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.
Are you looking for something simple and fast? Buck Steel's Express Packages are just the thing for you. These kits are pre-fabricated, pre-drilled, pre-labeled, and ready to bolt together - so you can be up and enjoying your new metal barn at a fraction of the time it would take to build a pole barn or wooden barn structure.
Regardless of whether you choose to design custom Florida steel barns or Florida metal buildings from our Express Package - you have several options for erecting your new steel barn. Erecting Florida steel barns is very straight-forward. Following the detailed erecting manual that is provided with every agricultural steel building we sell - you will be very impressed with the ease at which the process unfolds. With every part being pre-drilled, pre-welded and numbered for identification, following the erecting manual and erecting drawings is an easy task and you'll quickly see your building coming together. If you prefer, you can hire a local contractor to erect your building and trust that a professional with experience in construction is taking care of the job for you. Lastly, you have the option of choosing to have one of Buck Steel's Pro-Select Erecting™ crews to erect your new metal farm building.

Reduced Maintenance with Florida Steel Barns

Upon completion of erecting Florida steel barns - there's very little to do on a regular basis to maintain it's looks and functionality. The only thing you'll be concerned about after erecting your steel barn is filling it with your valuables or growing your business inside! Whether your building will house live animals, crops, hay, feed, or valuable farm machinery, your Buck Steel metal barn will last for decades with little or no maintenance required on your part. This cost effective solution to storage is the only one to consider when you need more storage on any of your agricultural sites.
Our knowledgeable staff is standing by eager to answer all of your questions regarding Florida metal buildings. We can discuss with you all of your options as well as the estimated cost. CALL US toll free at (866) 574-2825 to discuss your agricultural steel building needs.