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Steel Metal Building Specialist — Texas

Buck Steel provides pre-engineered steel metal building in the State of Texas. We are superior steel metal building erectors who design, plan and supply portable steel buildings and their components. Having produced building in Texas, Buck Steel has experience and references in the State. We will design, plan and erect commercial steel buildings anywhere in the State of Texas. Our many years of experience enables Buck Steel team to accommodate and coordinate with your community building standards and codes. View Our Buildings

With our main factory located in Houston, Tx., we can keep our shipping costs down which makes it more affordable. Our expertise among other things is designing metal buildings to high wind zone regions like Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, Corpus Christi and the out islands, up to 150 mph wind speed. Our doors and accessories are Florida, DADE County certified, where the wind load requirements are the highest in our country.

Buck Steel line of metal buildings and components will meet or exceed all State of Texas, and local building codes to ensure structural integrity. View Steel Metal Building Frames, Base Conditions & Accessories

It is important that you select the right metal building manufacture with the ability to provide a quality product and outstanding service at reasonable rate. Buck Steel offers this and much more! We've been erecting steel buildings across the USA and Texas for many years and our reputation among our customers speaks for itself. Feel free to refer to our existing customers to find out what they think of Buck Steel. You'll find that there's no better portable building supplier in Texas, offering:

  • Experienced production and customer service team
  • The most competitive pricing
  • Rush deliver available!

At Buck Steel, we understand that when it comes to designing a metal building to meet your specific requirements that no two buildings are alike. Whether the building is for Agricultural, Aviation, Backyard, Commercial Offices, Retail, or Storage we take the time to listen to our customers and give them exactly what they want. We don't try to force you into a certain package simply because it is easier for us nor do we penalize you for having requirements that sometimes fall outside the box.

Buck Steel metal buildings are built to withstand rough conditions. Only the highest quality steel is used in our metal buildings. Unlike other companies, Buck Steel will never compromise the safety and longevity of our metal buildings by using factory seconds or low quality, cheap imported steel.

Contact our Texas team at Buck Steel (954) 725-8883 to discuss your needs.

Custom Designs

Our in house designers are trained in AutoCAD and will work with your Architect, Engineer or Contractor to design and fabricate your custom metal building.

Professional Erecting

Don't want to erect the building yourself? Buck Steel's certified and fully insured erectors will unload and erect your building on your concrete slab.

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