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For the last couple of decades use of prefabricated metal buildings in construction industry has shown amazing growth. Although retail metal buildings and industrial metal buildings have been used all over the world for quite a long time, they are constantly becoming more and more popular.

Prefab buildings are presented in a wide diversity of types from storage buildings, steel church or metal garage, commercial steel buildings, buldings for a school or retail to complex industrial metal buildings. The advantage of portable buildings is that they cost significantly less than other types of buildings, allow reducing labor charges, and are durable, easy and fast to erect and to move. Components of such prefabricated buildings are all already pre-drilled at the manufacturing facility prior to their shipment to the construction site and don't need welding, which makes them extremely easy to assemble. Another great advantage of prefabricated metal buildings is their availability along with all required parts and accessories. You can find any metal building according to your needs if you turn to the help of South Carolina metal buildings company.

If you live in South Carolina and are about to buy portable buildings for your own needs or for commercial use, make sure to perform a little research to find the best and the most reliable metal buildings supplier in the area. It is not advisable to purchase industrial metal buildings from an out-of-state company as they might not comply with the local building codes. Buck Steel is a reliable and trustworthy metal reliable metal buildings supplier with decades of experience in steel building industry and numerous satisfied clients from every part of South Carolina. If you want to deal with professionals who know their job well Buck Steel is a perfect choice. You won't be disappointed with the quality of portable buildings we offer and will be pleasantly surprised to find out that we have the lowest rates in the state!

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Custom Designs

Our in house designers are trained in AutoCAD and will work with your Architect, Engineer or Contractor to design and fabricate your custom metal building.

Professional Erecting

Don't want to erect the building yourself? Buck Steel's certified and fully insured erectors will unload and erect your building on your concrete slab.

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