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Buck Steel — Florida Steel Metal Building Specialists

As a Florida based company with decades of experience in the metal building business, nobody knows Florida and the needs of its residents better than Buck Steel. Florida's tough building codes, which are designed to protect its residents and their property, are complex and ever changing. It takes a company like Buck Steel to stay on top of the Florida building codes so as to be able to design the strongest metal building possible at the most cost effective price. Buck Steel buildings can be designed to meet all building codes in Florida including Dade/Broward Counties. Unfortunately, we often see residents being quoted buildings from our out-of-state competitors that do not meet the FL building codes.

Featured sample in Florida

Project- Miami/Dade County 11,580 sf Commercial Generator Maintenance Facility
Location- 16380 SW 137th Ave., Miami Florida
Building Size- 60' x 193' x 30' (.5:12)

Florida steel building
steel buildings FL
steel metal buildings Florida

At Buck Steel we believe that it is our responsibility to provide all of our Florida customers with a quality designed building that will either meet or exceed all applicable Florida requirements. However, we don't stop there. In addition to supplying the metal building, we will design your concrete foundation in-house as well. Our full time Florida Professional Engineer has spent nearly 20 years in the metal building industry and knows how to meet all FL requirements without overdesigning, which could add unnecessary costs to your project.

Buck Steel also offers our Florida customers plenty of options and accessories to customize your Buck Steel building, including insulation, doors, vents and skylights to name a few.

Our Florida customers like the "one-stop shopping" that Buck Steel has to offer. Not many other steel building companies offer this type of complete service. Our three full-time erecting crews are by far some of the most professional and experienced crews to be found in Florida.

With an impressive list of satisfied Florida customers such as Glades County Sheriff's Department, John Deere, Agreko and Crab Shack Charlies, to name a few, it is no wonder that even during these challenging economic times Buck Steel continues to thrive in the Florida market.

No matter where you are in Florida, we can guarantee you that we have erected a building close enough for you to drive to and look at to see the great quality and craftsmanship you would expect from a professional organization such as ours!

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Buck Steel building designs provide safe and secure storage, living or working space. 70 percent of all new low-rise modern buildings in the Florida are made of steel. The buildings are constructed quickly and easily. Unlike wooden and brick and mortar buildings, steel buildings come with a warranty. Steel buildings are designed to fit any budget. They can be added to at any time. Steel metal buildings can be fabricated for any design and customized according to your needs.

Complex designed metal buildings take a longer time to fabricate than simple designs. Working with a Buck Steel technical expert will help details the exact specifications of the desired steel building design. The size and the price should be suitable for the purpose and the budget. A non exterior finish will make the building look even more attractive. The major benefits of the steel metal building is that they no longer look like large metal boxes. The variety of designs allows the owners options in designing an attractive building which is durable and affordable. Did you know that maintenance of the steel building is VERY LOW. That metal buildings are insect-proof and weather-resistant. The steel building can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. That it is easy to add features to a steel building. That air conditioning and heating can also be safely used in steel buildings.

Custom Designs

Our in house designers are trained in AutoCAD and will work with your Architect, Engineer or Contractor to design and fabricate your custom metal building.

Professional Erecting

Don't want to erect the building yourself? Buck Steel's certified and fully insured erectors will unload and erect your building on your concrete slab.

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