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Metal Building Canopy Extensions

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Buck Steel designed this 30 x 40 x 13 (4:12) Metal Shop Building with 10' canopy extensions on both the front sidewall and back sidewall. This steel building is loaded with features including (2) 10' x 10' roll up doors alond with (6) self framing windows, louvers for air circulation and gutters and down spouts.  Let Buck Steel help you design your pre engineered metal back yard shop building.

Facades-Mansards- Canopies are available at either the sidewalls or endwalls, in widths from 18 inches to 6 feet, and are available with and without soffit panels. Canopy extensions provide additoinal under cover storage space needed on either the sidewalls or endwalls. These extended canopies can be either at eave height for a simple overhang as covering for equipment and/or vehicles, or below eave canopy to cover an entryway. 

Buck steel or metal buildings have three basic dimensions: width, length, and eave height. The width is the distance from the outside of the sidewall girt on one side to the outside of the sidewall girt on the opposite side. The length is the distance from the outside of the endwall girt on one endwall to the outside of the endwall girt on the other endwall. Eave height is the distance from the bottom of the base plate to the top of the eave strut.

Most metal buildings have four outside walls. Two of these walls are called sidewalls. This is the wall where the roof meets the wall and the contact point aligns parallel with the finished floor. This wall also determines the length of the building. The other two walls, called endwalls, show a rising line where the walls meet the roof and the height of the wall changes. On a gabled building this is the wall where the peak of the roof is obvious. On a single-slope building or lean-to the endwall shows the wall sloping from a high to low side. The endwall determines the building width.

The point where the sidewalls meet the roof is called the eave. Eave trim finishes the raw edges of the panels, or one might choose to add a gutter system to catch the rain flow from the roof. Eave height is determined by measuring the distance from the bottom of the base plate to the point where the roof and sidewall intersect. It is important to keep in mind that eave height and clear height inside the building are not the same. If you have a need for specific clearance inside your building, please speak to your sales representative so that they can help you to determine the necessary eave height that you will need.

The roof pitch or roof slope is used as a basic unit, a 2:12 roof pitch means that the roof rises 2 inches in every 12 inches measured horizontally across the width of the building from the sidewall to the peak of the building. The point where the two rising halves of the roof meet at the endwall is called the peak. If you travel along the peak of the roof from endwall to opposite endwall, this is known as the ridgeline.

Buck Steel metal canopies and steel roof only systems provides security and durability against harsh weather conditions, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Whether you live in Florida or North Carolina, you can trust Buck Steel metal canopies to look great and remain securely in place for years to come.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key reasons that Buck  Steel has become one of the best known brand names worldwide in the commercial grade steel metal buildings. We encourage you to read our testimonials .   Buck Steel has the experience and trained staff  to ensure you receive excellent customer support.  Call today 866-574-2825

Custom Designs

Our in house designers are trained in AutoCAD and will work with your Architect, Engineer or Contractor to design and fabricate your custom metal building.

Professional Erecting

Don't want to erect the building yourself? Buck Steel's certified and fully insured erectors will unload and erect your building on your concrete slab.

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