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metal building polished concrete slab

Steel Shop Building with Polished Floor

This steel building has a post and beam endwall with several framed openings for windows. The Polished floor ads finish to the interior and reflects the light allowed in from the numerous rollup doors. Even the dogs love this building! 
metal building frame kickbacks for hydraulic door

Airplane Hanger Door with Insulation

This one piece hydraulic door requires very little head room and places most of the force on its jambs. It utilizes angle “kickbacks” to the 2nd frame to help support it.
metal building cable bracing x braching

"X" Cable Bracing

Braided cable “X” bracing is an efficient and inexpensive method of providing necessary bracing to this sidewall bay. These cables are cut to length at the factory with pre-attached eye bolts and Hilte washers.
steel building post and beam endwall cable bracing

Post and Beam Endwall with Cable Bracing

This typical “post and beam” end wall frame is also using a cable bracing in its center bay to provide resistance to wind and seismic conditions.
metal building white vinyle backed simple saver insulation

High R-Value Simple Saver Steel Building Insulation

For buildings requiring high r-value insulation, Simple Saver is the perfect solution. Traditional white vinyl insulation is laid on top of the purlin as well as in between the purlin cavities. The insulation is held in place with reinforced banding attached to the underside of the purlin with self drilling screws.
metal building interior liner panel with trim

Interior PBR Liner Panel

Interior liner panel is the ideal solution for protecting the inside walls of your building as well as giving it a nice finished appearance. Walls can be covered their entire height or partial height as shown in this picture. When covering only partial height, a piece of transition trim is place on top for aesthetics as well as to protect the edge of the interior panel. 
metal building 4070 personnel door with lever lockset

4070 Metal Personnel Door

4070 access doors (4’ x 7’) come in handy when bringing in lawn mowers, power equipment, large trash receptacles, etc., without having to open up the larger rollup doors. Available with glass for non-wind loaded regions.
metal building insulated commercial rollup door installation

Insulated Commercial Rollup Doors

Commercial style rollup doors such as this insulated type are ideal for the heavy use they can be subjected to. Pre-tensioned, they rise and lower with the ease of a chain pull mechanism. They are also available with electric motor, operator, and remote controls as an option.
metal building gambrel frame airplane hangar

Airplane Museum Hangar with Gambrel Roof

Gambrel type roofs provide an alternative to the typical gable symmetrical pitch giving more of a rounded appearance. Also visible here are the "kickbacks" that help to support the large hangar door on the endwall. 
clearspan steel building warehouse with skylights

Clear Span Metal Building with Skylights

The clear span advantage of pre-engineered steel buildings eliminates the need for interior columns that would be typically be found in pole barns, maximizing interior space usage. Skylights allow natural light into the building but do require periodic cleaning in order to maintain their efficiency.
partially open metal building gable symmetrical

Partially Enclosed Gable Symetrical Steel Building

By building a concrete ramp inside this building the equestrian center transfer station the time and labor to manage their waste was significantly reduced.
metal building clearspan riding arena

Steel State Fairground Arena

Clear span of 150’, this State Fair facility is also designed to handle a 50 LB PSF snow load. This is a perfect example of the benefits of building with steel and spanning distances that far exceed what could be done with wood. 
industrial metal building with interior crane

Steel Building with Interior Free-Standing Crane

Perfect for use when a crane is needed after the building has been designed, fabricated, and erected - this free standing crane does not rely upon the building for support.
insulated gable symmetrical aviation metal building

Steel Building with Polished Concrete Floor

The industrial look of this shiny concrete is ideal for this large retail facility while helping to keep this project within budget. This building has traditional white vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation on both the roof and walls as well as 2-tier "x" cable bracing on the front and back sidewalls.
metal building interior offices and automotive lift

Metal Building Golf Course Maintenance Facility

This state-of-the-art golf course maintenance facility constructed offices inside using traditional construction methods - providing climate controlled break room and locker room for their staff.
retail metal building with custom windows and interior

Retail Metal Building with High-End Interior Build-out

The clear span abilities of steel allow for endless possibilities when it comes to interior build-out. This luxury souvenir showroom was elaborately finished out with custom windows and coral wrapped columns.
steel building warehouse with loading dock and ballards

Produce Warehouse with Loading Dock

Designed with a loading dock, this produce warehouse includes sectional doors and bollards to protect the building from any damage due forklift damage while loading/unloading trucks.
insulated metal building with ridge vent

Insulated Roof with Ridge Vent

The white vinyl backed metal building insulation helps to prevent condensation problems and increase the level of comfort inside this building all year long. The 10' ridge vent is very effective at creating air flow inside the building during the hot and humid summer months by letting warm/humid air that naturally rises to the ridge - out of the building.
metal building fixed self flashing louver

Self Flashing Painted Metal Louver

Working in conjunction with the ridge vent in this building, the fixed louver allows cooler outside air into the building which flows up to the ridge vent pushing out the warmer air at the ridge.
metal building commercial exhaust fan

Electric Exhaust Fan

This commercial electric exhaust fan is mounted in a framed opening and moves hot air inside the building outside. The exterior of the fan has a cover to keep rain from damaging the fan as well as a screen to keep pests out.
metal building insulated panels refrigerated storage

Steel Building with Refrigerated Walk-In Box

metal building insulated wall panels

Insulated Panels

Insulated panels used to make the refrigerated walk-in box in the previous picture.
metal building insulated wall panels

Steel Building with Hydraulic Door

This 40' x 100' x 16' 1.5:12 commercial building with 32' wide Schweiss Hydraulic Door at both ends is used as a storage and loading facility for a local paving stone company. This interior picture shows slightly tapered columns and the strut kick-backs to the second frame line required to support the Schweiss Hydraulic Door.

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